Let the Wind Blow

There it is, moving with great force,

Then changing to a cool night breeze.

Though I can hear it,

Even when I can feel it,

I can’t touch it or hold it in my hands.


A scorching wind that blows from the East,

A tempest that lifts high the waves,

A strong wind moving ships from seashore to deep sea,

A stormy wind that sends bitter affliction.


Who created you Oh winds?

Who directs your course?

Who determines your ferocity and intensity?

Who on earth can control you when you are a whirlwind?

Who can face you when you are a thunderstorm full of hail?


Surely it is He who is stronger than the violent squall,

For though no can hold or predict you,

He gathers you in the hollow of His hands,

He changes you like a lady changes her wristband,

And rebukes you with a word of command.


Controller of the winds and waves,

Send forth Your special rushing wind.

Let there be a sudden blast of Your Heavenly Wind,

For there’s much dryness and the times are harsh.

Let the wind blow, let the wind of Your Spirit blow

That the mountains of delay be torn apart,

And age old rocky problems be shattered to pieces.

Let the wind blow, let the wind of Your Spirit blow

That dry bones in our lives and land will come back to life

And there will be a great awakening and revival.

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