Gracious Father, I thank You for bringing me to the tenth month of this year. Your grace and mercy has sustained and preserved me and I return all praise and glory to you. Thank You that I am not mourning today, I am not locked up behind prison bars, I am not on the streets begging or lying on a hospital bed. Thank You for all You have done for my family. Thank You that we have not buried our young. Thank You for rescuing and protecting us from evil and showing us Your salvation. Thank You for the Word of life and hope You continue to send to strengthen my faith and my walk with You. Thank You for the different testimonies and answers to prayers You have given me this year. Glory, praise, honour and adoration to Your holy name.

Father, ten is a double number. Father, this tenth month give me double for all my troubles and losses. Where I have experienced rejection, shame and reproach, according to Your Word, Lord please give me a double portion of blessings. Father, please release a double portion anointing on my life to serve You in a greater dimension. Father, increase my love for righteousness and my hatred for sin. Rain down showers of righteousness, showers of favour, showers of blessings on my life. From the dew of heaven and the richness of the earth, O Lord, please give me an abundant harvest of blessings that will end every financial difficulty and challenge in my life.

Thank You Lord for our nation. Thank You that our nation has not been swept away by wars, floods, earthquakes, tsunami, drought and covid-19. Thank You that when the enemy came in like a flood to divide, disrupt and scatter our nation, You raised a standard against the wicked scheming of the enemy.

Lord, You are the One that makes nations great and destroys them, You are the One that enlarges nations and guides them. Father, please make our nation great again. Enlarge our nation in righteousness, justice, fairness and the fear of God. Enlarge our economy, educational and health sector. Great God, let Your wind of peace and prosperity blow all over our nation. Let our nation prosper, move forward, grow in all areas and sectors, so that we the citizens of this land can prosper.

O God, arise in Your power and remove all wicked people from positions of authority in our nation. Give us God-fearing, God-honouring leaders. Give us leaders with insight, wisdom and understanding who have a clear vision and direction for this country. Father, guide our leaders aright and deliver them from satanic manipulations and evil agendas. In the name of Jesus, we cut off and frustrate every evil hand and power manipulating the hearts of our leaders and using them to implement wicked and oppressive policies.

Father, do a new thing in the body of Christ; in churches worldwide. Like never before, let brotherly love and unity reign amongst believers. Restore back integrity, honour, holiness, the fear of God and power to the church. Make the church stand out as a city set on a hill that can’t be hidden; a place of Your light and power that can’t be hidden but gives hope, direction and encouragement to many. Let all the gifts of the Spirit You have put in me and all believers come fully alive so Your body is strengthened, equipped and empowered to do mighty Kingdom exploits for Your glory.

Merciful God, look upon the financial afflictions people in this nation are going through. Show mercy and compassion to those going through financial hard times; be the Helper  of the financially helpless.  Father, arise in Your mercy and deliver families, businesses and organisations  all over this land from the clutches of famine, scarcity, poverty and  starvation. Let barriers to financial progress be removed by Your power and presence. Open Your hand wide to pour out blessings that will terminate unemployment, financial stagnation and retrogression in the lives of Your people.  As this year draws to an end, release the power to get wealth on Your people and establish the businesses, careers, financial goals and plans of Your people, in Jesus mighty name. Amen!

Lord, we call on You to put an end to covid-19 and deliver us from all the trouble this pandemic has brought to our personal lives, families, our nation and the world at large. Father, let the fire and power of Your presence bring this mountain of covid-19 down, let it become level ground; let it become a thing of the past in Jesus mighty name we pray, amen.

My Father and my God, before this month comes to an end, please do something good, great and glorious in my life. Put an end to every long-standing issue I have been battling with and praying about for years. Look upon me with Your eyes of mercy, answer me according to Your tender mercies and compassion that my testimony and confession this month will be ‘I love the Lord because He has heard my voice and my prayers. For what God has done for me, I will call upon Him as long as I live.’

O Lord, My Father, this October open the floodgates of heaven and give me a blessing that will change my name and story. Go before me O Lord and break to pieces every gate of brass resisting Your plan and purpose for my life. The testimony I have never seen with my eyes or heard of, Lord in Your goodness give to me this month. Thank You for hearing and answering me. Thank You that You will fill my life with peace, gladness, joy and uncommon testimonies, in Jesus mighty name. AMEN!



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