Totally Overwhelmed

When overwhelmed by fear

Many voices will speak in your ear,

The voice of superstition will tell you it’s because it’s a leap year

You’ve been unlucky and life seems so severe,

Or maybe it’s because someone swept at night while you were near

That you feel like a drag and life seems empty and austere.

The voice of sin and pleasure will tell you nothing to fear,

If only you will turn a deaf ear

To what God’s word says and don’t bother to strictly adhere,

For with a little compromise or bottle of beer,

Your problem will be swept away and you will be in high gear.


Voices, different voices whisper daily in the ear.

When you are in situations you feel you can’t bear,

Be careful not to lend an ear

To voices that make your path through life unclear.

Voices that tell you God is nowhere near,

Everyone looks at you with a sneer,

You have nothing and no one to give you a cheer,

You have been through enough wear and tear,

So the best thing to do is check that the coast is clear

Then put a quick end to this life of despair,

And free yourself from all that’s bitter and unfair.


When overwhelmed by guilt, heartache and fear,

You are disillusioned and see no reason to persevere,

Know that this is the perfect time to appear

Not in places with voices so insincere,

But before the One who is able to interfere

In situations so hopeless, so bizarre.

He has unlimited power to make problems disappear,

His voice alone can give the enemies of your life a big scare,

He can help you face situations that are like a nightmare,

So no reason to take your life; why go on a sad detour

When God’s love for you is not something from a mere brochure,

When God’s hands are open wide to carry you through any mess, fiasco and misadventure.


PHOTO CREDIT: J’Waye Covington on Unsplash

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