Pillars of Support

Every girl, ever woman, every mother, daughter, grand-mother, great-grandmother, wife, sitter, aunt and niece is a born PILLAR.

Pillars are used to support a building. The primary reason why God divinely places a girl, a woman, in a particular family, organisation, group, church and nation is to play a SUPPORTIVE ROLE.

Pillars can be massive, pillars can be slender. There are marble pillars, stone pillars, granite pillars, steel pillars and so on. Pillars can be circular, pillars can be rectangular. Similarly, girls and women come in different colours, shapes and sizes. They come with different personalities, they have different ideas, they see things from different perspectives. We can’t all be the same, but we can all add value where God has placed us by standing as pillars; by looking out for one or more persons in our families, organisations, groups, church, neighbourhood and community that we can:

  • Back up with prayers especially when they are going through situations that have weakened and blown off their prayer fire.
  • Reach out to and take up their case if they are being oppressed, abused, looked down on and discriminated against.
  • Support and assist financially if they are going through a financial wilderness season.
  • Show up for them when they need us to rejoice and celebrate with them, and when they need us to mourn with them to ease the pain they are going through.
  • Encourage, endorse and promote their skills, gifts, products, projects, businesses and ministries.
  • Take interest in what they are doing and be the cheerleader they need to rally round them, motivate them to actualise their dreams and visions, and fire them up to be the best versions of themselves.
  • Stand by them and stand with them when others turn their backs on them.
  • Inspire them to not give up by sharing our life experiences with them and by dishing out generous portions of words of affirmation and encouragement.
  • Point to the light; point to Christ. The best support you can give anyone is to point them to the Pillar that holds all lives in check and in place.

When the pillars in a building give way, the building will collapse. So, dear cute young girls , youthful girls, aspiring ladies, women leaders, let’s take our rightful place as pillars of support so our families, church and nation does not give way and fall to pieces. Let’s support not discourage, pull down, obstruct and hinder others from rising and shining.

Mention a woman that has been a pillar of support to you, pray for her and release God’s blessings on her life.


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