The Overcomers Handbook

You overcome because you are born of God;

Everyone born of God is infused with God’s conquering power.

You overcome when you quit struggling and allow God have His way;

Overcomers trust His way even though it makes no logical sense.

You overcome not because you are strong,

But for this reason: the One who is in you, has unsurpassable strength and might.

You overcome because you are a child of light;

Light always pervades darkness.

You overcome when you get on the battle field and fight;

Running away from challenges is not the orientation of an overcomer.

You overcome because you are a child of the King;

Where the King is, there’s always a loud shout of triumph.

You overcome because the Lamb’s blood covers you;

Evil darts and forces shiver and cower when they see the blood.

You overcome because You have come to the Cross of Calvary,

The Cross is the place man receives victory over shame and condemnation.

You overcome because you have a two-edged sword in your hand,

You were not created ordinary or destined for defeat,

The Storm Calmer, Situation Changer, Mountain Mover is right by your side,

Your life is hid in God’s Indestructible Tower,

And Your God is invincible, indomitable and absolutely unbeatable!


PHOTO CREDIT: Photo by Gift Habeshaw on Unsplash

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