Pray and Receive Answers This November

  • Thank You Precious Father for bringing me into the 11th month of this year. Thank You for Your grace and mercy that has carried me right from the beginning of the year to this 11th Thank You for going ahead of me to frustrate every plan of the evil one to cut short my life.
  • Father, this month, put in me a fresh hunger, love and passion for Your Word and presence. Take my love for You to a much higher and deeper level. May I never be too busy to pray and spend time with You. As I abide in Your Holy presence, let Your protection, glory and favour abide with me.
  • Father, this November, deliver me from flimsy excuses, common excuses, even so called ‘genuine’ excuses that are keeping me from doing Your will and being the person You created me to be. Help me to arise out of fear, lazy and lukewarm attitude to life, and do the things You have instructed me to do.
  • Father, this 11th month, let Your mercy locate me and single me out for a special blessing. A blessing that will encourage my prayer life and compensate me for every loss, pain, delay, disappointment and hardship I have experienced.
  • O Lord, attend to my cry, hear me concerning that longstanding issue I have been praying about for years. Wipe away my tears and roll away every pain, shame and reproach this longstanding issue has brought to my life.
  • Father, we, your people in this land, who know You and are called by Your name, strip ourselves completely of pride and arrogance and humble ourselves before You. Give us the grace and enablement to turn away from our sinful ways. Forgive us O Lord for where we have missed it and failed You. Don’t turn Your face away from us and from our land. Heal, visit and restore our land.
  • O Lord, as I go about my daily affairs this month. Fill me with divine wisdom. Do not allow me fall into error or make costly mistakes and foolish decisions I will live to regret. Order my steps aright. Order my steps to places where Your table of blessings have been prepared for me. Keep my feet away from the traps that have been set for me.
  • O Lord, rule in the affairs of our land. Nullify the counsel of evil advisers in our government. Bring the wickedness of the wicked to an end in this nation. With the power in the name of Jesus, I pull down every stronghold of corruption, oppression and injustice in our nation. Weaken the hands of those who continually plan to waste the resources of our nation or embezzle the wealth of our nation for their selfish interests. Let every wicked plan for our nation’s resources and revenue be aborted and terminated in Jesus mighty name. Amen!
  • Father, arise in Your power and disappoint every wicked plot and scheme to bring an end of year tragedy, disaster and calamity to my doorstep. I will not end this year mourning and in sorrow, in Jesus mighty name. Amen!
  • Father, before this month comes to an end, show up for me with a blessing that will make me burst with joy and good news. Father, Your Word says You crown the year with Your goodness. Let Your mighty hand give me a mighty breakthrough and testimony that will make me testify that what I received from You this month, what You did for me just before the year came to an end, has made this year my best year ever.



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