Welcome to the second half of 2014. If you are reading this, it means you are alive, it means you are one of those God faithfully kept and preserved to see the second half of this year. PRAISE GOD! The bombs, stray bullets, accidents, terminal illness, evil arrows and all manner of evil plans of the enemy to cut short your life didn’t work.

What better way to start the second half of the year than with prayer and thanksgiving for all the good things God has done for us.

I encourage you to earnestly pray these prayers to experience divine restoration and overflowing blessings in every area of your life.

  • Heavenly Father, thank you for your divine protection; thank you for keeping and sustaining me. Thank you for shielding me from accidents, sickness and all manner of tragedies.


  • O Lord, it is because of your grace that I am alive today. Please don’t ever cut me off from your grace.


  • Lord Jesus, help me to walk closely with you everyday of this second half of the year. Help me not to neglect your presence; help me not to neglect prayer and your word.


  • Father, anoint my prayer life with fresh oil. In your grace and mercy, give me continuous access to your throne room of mercy whenever I pray. Lord as I call on your holy name in prayer, answer me speedily, hear my prayers and do immeasurably more than I could have ever asked or imagined.


  • Father, whatever will make me say “had I known”; whatever will fill me with regret, whatever will make me weep in pain and sorrow, please keep far away from me In Jesus mighty name I pray.


  • O Lord, the grace to say NO to sin, the grace to overcome all weaknesses and besetting sins, multiply and increase in my life.


  • Father this second half of the year, fill me with divine ideas that will bring divine prosperity my way.


  • Father this second half of the year, surprise me with a special call, text or letter that will turn my situation around.


  • Father this second half of the year, overshadow me with your favour. Let your favour single me out for a divine visitation, an accelerated promotion and a unique testimony.


  • O Lord, protect me from every snare, trap and pit the enemy has prepared for me. Concerning my life O Lord, let no wicked plan succeed. Don’t give me over to the desires of my enemies.


  • Father this second half of the year, remember me O Lord. Remember your covenant to me and establish firmly in my life your covenant of life, protection, healing, deliverance and prosperity.


  • Lord Jesus, every blessing, testimony and opportunity I lost in the first half of this year or in previous years, restore to me O Lord.


  • Mighty warrior, come and take over the battles in our nation. Frustrate all the enemies of peace in our land. Let your wind of change blow all over this nation.


  • Father, whatever will make me stand afar off from heaven’s gates, whatever will make me weep and gnash my teeth on the last day, uproot from my life O Lord.

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