Gracious God, thank You for bringing me into the month of April and the 2nd Quarter of this year. Thank You for Your hand of protection that was with me, my family and loved ones all through the first quarter of this year. Your name be praised, exalted and lifted high.

 Father, please purify my life and cleanse me from all sinsGive me victory over the sins that easily beset me. Increase my love for righteousness and my hatred for sin. Help me to say NO to sin and temptation. Lord, send Your refining fire on me to consume everything in my life that does not glorify Your holy name.

Lord, this 2nd Quarter of the Year, put an end to the wickedness of the wicked in my nation. Frustrate the plans of those that want to scatter and destroy this nation.  Free our land from self-centred and godless leaders. Give us leaders with the fear of God in their hearts, leaders who are guided and influenced by the wisdom of God which is profitable to direct.

 Lord, deliver me from every fear and trouble that is affecting my peace of mind. Help me to completely hand over my cares, fears and concerns to you and trust You to make things right and handle what is committed into Your hands. Help me to believe Your Word and hold on to Your promises. Help me to always place Your Word before me and abide in Your presence so  when trials and challenges come my way I have a Word from You to hold on to.

Lord, it is only in You I can have rest. Take me to my place of rest concerning all the issues troubling my heart. Prince of Peace, come into my heart afresh and fill it with Your peace that surpasses human understanding.

Lord, give me a clear vision and focus for my life so my time and life is not wasted, purposeless and directionless. Let the plans I have for my life this 2nd Quarter of the year, align with Your will for my life. Help me to pursue with passion what you want me to pursue. Help me to know what You want me to do per time and give me grace to pour myself into it. Help me to clearly identify the time wasters in my life and separate myself from them. Teach me to number my days aright that I may gain wisdom on how to live.

Lord, be my portion and the strength of my life. Give me joy in my heart. Let Your joy replace every sadness. Father, please attend to whatever is making me unhappy. Purge my heart of guilt, bitterness, anger, unforgiveness, hatred, fear, discouragement, carnal comparisons and competition and everything that makes my heart heavy and robs me of joy. I confess and declare that the joy of the Lord is my strength. My joy is not dependent on happy circumstances, material possessions or my social status. My joy comes from knowing Jesus and having Him in my life.

O Lord, go before me every day of this 2nd Quarter of the year and let Your presence and power clear away every obstacle to progress.

Father, this 2nd Quarter of the year save those in my family that do not know You personally as Lord. Rescue them from the hold of the powers of darkness and bring them into Your Kingdom of light where there is forgiveness and deliverance from sin. Grant them repentance leading them to the knowledge of the truth and help them to escape every trap of the devil.

Lord, this 2nd Quarter of the year bless the singles with their life partners, the barren with children, the jobless with jobs, the financially stagnant with divine money making ideas,  open doors, favour and prosperity.

Father, grant me all round good health this 2nd Quarter of the year. Lord Jesus, be my door of escape from all the viruses, pestilence, sickness and diseases out there. I lift up everyone in my family and church that is ill. Jesus, our Great Physician, heal them and make them whole. Completely flush out with Your blood every sickness You have not planted in their bodies. Help us O Lord to take proper care of our bodies which is the temple of Your Holy Spirit.

Lord, this 2nd Quarter of the year attend to all the long standing problems in my life and family. Lord, in Your mercy give me a major breakthrough concerning the needs and issues I have been praying about for years. Let this 2nd Quarter of the year be loaded with special and uncommon testimonies for me, my family and loved ones.

Father, because there is a hope and assurance of a day when the trumpet will sound and the dead in Christ will rise, please help me to always be in Christ and live for Christ. O Lord, remove from my life everything that will not allow me enjoy eternal life and fellowship with You.


PHOTO CREDIT: Waldemar Brandt


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