I bless exalt, honour and lift high the name of the Lord, God Almighty who has counted me worthy to see this new month.

This month I shall know no shame. Disgrace and humiliation shall be far from me, my family, and all loved ones.

O Lord, this month please go before me and level every mountain; level every obstacle and hindrance to my spiritual, financial, educational and marital progress. Father, let the rough places in my life; the areas of my life where there seems to be trouble and things aren’t moving smoothly be made smooth by Your power this month.

Father, as a father carries his child, please carry me out of every problem I’m in. Please carry me far away from the reach of the evil one. Please carry me to greater and higher heights in every area of my life.

The ninth month is the month a pregnant woman gives birth. Father this ninth month of the year, let every testimony I am pregnant with be delivered this month. Let no person, power or evil force be able to close the womb of my testimonies. Let me bring forth spectacular testimonies this month in Jesus mighty name. AMEN!

Father, this ninth month work in me and mould my life to be a living representation and expression of the nine fruit of the Holy Spirit.  Let my life overflow with love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness and self-control.

Lord, as nine is the number of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, let every gift, ability, talent and potential You have deposited in me be activated this month. Let no good gift You have given me lie fallow or dormant. Help me to make maximum use of all You have put in me to serve You and others and expand Your Kingdom.

Father, as the ninth hour is associated with prayer in the Bible, this ninth month let my life become one of fervent, committed and earnest prayer to You. Revive my prayer life O Lord. Take my prayer life to a new level of faith, fire, power, glory and answered prayers.

Father, nine is symbolic of the judgment of God. Father, this ninth month execute  judgment by fire on Your enemies who have risen up against me, my family, church and nation. Mighty Man in battle, fight for me, fight my battles, fight against everything and everyone fighting against your plan and purpose for my life.  Fight for us in this nation and frustrate the plans and counsel of the evil one for our nation. Release Your sword and arrows on all those determined to bring me, my family, church and nation down.

O Lord, this month as I come to You and call upon Your name, please give me rest on every side. Give me rest from all my fears, burdens and troubles. Give me rest from long standing afflictions and problems. Put an end to labouring without profits and results. Give me rest and victory over enemy attack, oppression and opposition. O Lord, let my soul find rest in Your presence; give me peace of mind and help me to stay calm and relaxed all through this month. When I lie down to sleep, let me have a peaceful night rest free from ill health, worries, dangers and tossing and turning.  As You have promised, give me, Your beloved, sweet and peaceful night rest.

Father, overshadow me with Your Spirit and power this month. Let Your power grant me accelerated speed this month to overtake those that have gone ahead of me in life. Let Your power turn things around for my good, let Your power make the impossible possible in my life this month.

Father, in this month, let me see the manifestation and fulfillment of Your promises to me. Let not one of your good promises to me fail.

Father, by Your mercy and great love put an end to every wilderness situation in my life, family, church and nation. Put an end to dryness and barrenness in our lives and land. Let every empty, dry, wilderness situation turn to springs of blessings and prosperity.

Father, surround me and every member of my family with your favour this month. O Lord, let Your favour grant us answers to our prayers. O Lord, let Your favour fill our lives with long awaited blessings. Grant us uncommon blessings, blessings we don’t deserve; blessings we aren’t qualified for in Jesus mighty name I pray. AMEN!


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  • September 6, 2021 at 10:33 am

    I’m so blessed with all the prayer points. Almighty God shall release fresh anointing upon his servant in Jesus name

    • September 7, 2021 at 11:23 am

      Thank you very much for your feedback.
      You shall receive answers to your prayers in Jesus mighty name. Amen


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