Shine Out of Darkness

Whenever there’s darkness in whatever form or degree, there’s only one thing that can eliminate or chase away the darkness and that is light. The darkness we see at 3am in the morning is removed as soon as the day breaks and morning light steps in. The darkness we see when there is a power failure is removed by using a rechargeable lamp, inverter, switching on your generator, or by electricity being restored. Only one thing can get rid of darkness and that is light.

Jesus, the Light of the World, has come to dispel every trace and form of darkness in our lives. Once the light of Christ steps in, darkness flees, darkness gives way.

The whole earth may be covered in darkness but who says you have to be wrapped in the darkness. The whole world may be committing all kinds of sins and atrocities but who says you have to be a part of it. God wants you to be different. God wants you to come out of darkness and live in His marvelous light that’s why He sent Jesus to die for you.

Whenever there’s darkness caused by power failure, no matter how much you complain about the darkness, the darkness won’t go. Complaining about darkness can’t bring light, complaining about a weakness you have can’t remove it. Sitting in the dark and just staring at the darkness all around you can’t also bring light. You have to do something to bring some light to where you are. To overcome and be free of the darkness of sin, you have to do something to bring light into your heart. You have to have Jesus in your heart and life. For as long as Jesus is kept out of your life, there will be darkness; there will be the tendency to like, indulge and live for sinful habits and desires.

Have you been struggling with some particular habits, sins or weakness and you wonder, can you ever stop or overcome them? Do these weaknesses or sins bring guilt, frustration and condemnation to your heart? Are there things you do that keep you constantly tormented by fear that what you have done will be discovered by your spouse, boss, parents or the police?

Don’t think that any sin or habit is too strong to overcome or live without it. God is saying to you let there be light; let Jesus Christ be in you and with you. You can live above sin; you can live above every weakness if you have Jesus in your life. He is the light that dispels the darkness of sin. The more of Christ we have in our lives, the more we have power to overcome sins and weaknesses.

If you desire to be free from the control of sin, if you want Christ to shine on you and remove every form of darkness from your life; every hold sin has over you, pray this prayer: Lord Jesus, have mercy on me. I believe You are the Son of the living God and that You died on the cross so I may have forgiveness for my sins and eternal life. Please Lord, forgive me for every sin I have ever committed. I realize that without You in my life, I will continue to indulge in sin and invite darkness into my life. I don’t want to continue any more in the fruitless deeds of darkness. I don’t want to waste my time and life on acts that do not please You, acts that can separate me from God’s presence. Come into my life today as my personal Lord and Saviour and fill me with your grace and light. Where I am weak, make me strong. Where I have been falling, uphold me with Your right hand of power and help me to stand. Surround me with Your light today and make me a new creation, make me an over comer, make me a child of light. 


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