Whatever we focus on has the power to influence how we think, speak and live.
To produce better and wiser thoughts and actions, God tells us to stay focused on Him, to fix our eyes on Jesus (Hebrews 12:2). Today I’m sharing 5 simple yet deep reasons why God wants us to stay focused on Him irrespective of what is happening around us:

1. If you don’t stay focused on God, you will be focused on what other people are doing and your vision will get blurred. In other words, you will get distracted from what God wants you to do because you are busy trying to do what someone else is doing.

2. If you don’t stay focused on God, you will dwell on only those things you don’t have or haven’t happened in your life. What this does is to close your mind to the many blessings God has given you that you didn’t work for, can’t afford, or don’t even deserve.

3. If you don’t stay focused on God, your mind will be focused on problems, problems, problems. Not only will this get you anxious, worked up and afraid, you will forget that God is bigger than all problems.

4. If you don’t stay focused on God who is always ahead of you, your mind will be glued to things that are behind you like your past mistakes or achievements. Focusing on past mistakes keeps you from reaching out to embrace the new thing God wants to do in your life. Focusing on past achievements makes you conclude that you have made it or arrived, when there are greater heights God wants you to press on to attain.

5. If you don’t stay focused on God, your thoughts will be fixed on only what is happening in the world and you will lose sight of where you are headed; you will think this world is our permanent home and not live with eternity in mind.

I pray that from today, God will take our eyes off everything distracting or derailing us and help us keep our eyes on Him, our source of hope, life and clear direction.


PHOTO CREDIT: Disruptivo on Unsplash

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