Text: “He is dressed in a robe dipped in blood, and his name is the Word of God”. – Revelation 19:13

The word blood is mentioned so many times in the Bible. In Genesis 4:10, when Cain killed his brother Abel, the Bible tells us that Abel’s blood cried out to God from the ground. In Revelation 19:13, the Bible describes Jesus as One who is dressed in a robe dipped in blood.

If a man is lying on the street with his shirt soaked in blood probably from an accident, different kinds of emotions will be exhibited by different people who pass that road. Some may feel pity. Some others anger at the person or people who did this to the man soaked in blood. Some sadness. Some gratitude that they have passed this same road many times and nothing of this nature has happened to them. But when the Bible describes Jesus as one wearing a robe soaked in blood, He isn’t described as some helpless, weak individual one should pity. When Jesus is described as wearing a robe dipped in blood, the Bible speaks of Him in the context of one who has accomplished something AWESOME! Someone who has done something so significant that no one else was worthy or qualified to do. He is spoken of as one who deserves the utmost praise, glory and honour. This is why Revelation 4:8-10 and Revelation 5:9 talk about the highest kind of worship and honour being given to Christ for what He has accomplished through the shedding of His blood.

Today, I want to remind us of the benefits and blessings that are ours through the shed blood at Calvary.

What are these benefits?

1.      Closeness to God

Ephesians 2:13 tells us that no matter how far we have strayed from God, the blood of Jesus has the power to reconcile or bring us back to God. Hebrews 10:19 talks of the access we have to the very presence of God; the Holiest of Holies through the blood of Jesus.

Nothing gives God pleasure as much as our walking closely with Him. That is why He has created an avenue through the blood of Jesus for us to reach Him and be with Him any day, anytime.

So many people are struggling to be close to one influential person or the other because of what they can derive or benefit from that relationship. But closeness to God gives us benefits that we can’t ever get from being close to the most powerful, influential, or richest person on this earth. Benefits like peace, joy, good health, divine strength, deliverance and the salvation of our souls.

May we avail ourselves of this wonderful opportunity the blood of Jesus has provided for us to be close and intimate with our Heavenly Father.

2.      A Clean Record

Heaven has a record of what we do. Revelation 20:12 talks about books that are kept in heaven with records of people’s lives. David clearly understood this. No wonder when he sinned against God, he cried out to God saying, ‘blot out my transgressions’ (Psalm 51:1). In other words, forgive and remove from your record book the entry of my act of adultery and murder.  David knew that once this record could be altered and his sin removed from God’s record book, he would be a blessed man. That’s why he said in Psalm 32:1-2, “Blessed is he whose transgressions are forgiven, whose sins are covered. Blessed is the man whose sin the Lord does not count against him…”.

We all need a clean record because sin can be a major hindrance to our prayers and breakthrough. Sin can make miracles bypass us. The only thing that can give us a clean record and make us worthy to receive anything good from God is the blood of Jesus. It has the power to wash us and make us white as snow. Though we may have said, thought, or done some terrible things, when we come to God in genuine repentance, the blood of Jesus can wash us and qualify us to receive great and wonderful blessings from God (Isaiah 1:18).

3.      Speaking good things on our behalf

We understand from Hebrews 12:24 that the blood of Jesus has a voice. It’s not a voice of condemnation, but a voice that cries out mercy, favour, goodness, acceptance, promotion, prosperity, healing and wholeness.

For example, when you submit a job application and you soak the application in the blood of Jesus, it can carry the voice of acceptance not rejection with your application. Where doctors have given you a bad report and you cancel that evil report with the blood of Jesus, the blood of Jesus can speak healing and wholeness into your life not sickness and death. Where people are carrying terrible reports about you, the blood of Jesus can nullify every evil word uttered against you and speak good and positive things about you that can lead to your being highly favoured.

Always cover everything about you in the blood of Jesus. It can speak well of you and for you.

4.      Protection from evil

The blood of Jesus is a divine mark of protection. Those who have entered into a covenant relationship with Christ have this special mark of protection. In Exodus 12:12-13, the Israelites were instructed to use the blood of a lamb and put it on the sides and top of their doorframes and it would serve as a sign of protection for them. When the destroyer sees the blood, He would pass over every house with this blood covering; no destructive plague would come near their dwelling place.  If the blood of a lamb could do this, imagine what the blood of Jesus can do.

Everyday evil abounds. This is why we need this mark of protection. It is not available to everyone. For God to see the blood on your life, you must be a child of God. You must have given your life to Christ. As accidents, sickness, tragedies, calamities and disasters are taking place, may they all pass over you because you carry this powerful mark of protection.

5.      Victory

Revelation 12:11 tells us of the assurance of victory we have over the devil through the blood of Jesus. It is this assurance of victory that makes Satan regret the death of Jesus Christ. If the devil had any insight and foresight to know the great victory the blood of Jesus would bring, he would never have crucified the Lord of glory (1 Corinthians 2:6-8).

Whatever battle, problem or challenge you are facing, whatever the attacks and opposition you have been going through, God is reminding you today that there is power in the blood. Wonder working power to save, heal, deliver, set free and grant total victory is in the blood of Jesus.

As you bring your life under the blood covering, may the blood of Jesus strengthen your relationship with the Lord, sheild you from all evil, and speak abundant blessings into your life.

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