The Blessing of Easter

There are different seasons in a year, different seasons in the life of an individual. God has sovereign control of all seasons of life. God has the power to change the times and seasons of a nation; to remove kings and set up kings. Just as we transition from winter to spring or from rainy season to dry season, individuals, families, churches and organizations transition from one season to another. With each season comes different blessings, different things to look out for, and different things to avoid.

In the Christian calendar, we are now in the season of Easter and there are certain blessings set aside for this season. I pray that we shall all partake of the blessings of Easter.

The blessings of Easter are things God wants us to experience not just at Easter but all year long. In fact, in God’s eternal plan for our lives, these blessings are meant to be an integral part of our daily living.

In Matthew 27:51 when Jesus was crucified, the curtain or veil of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom. This was a very symbolic act. Prior to Jesus’ crucifixion, the veil of the temple was used to divide the Holy Place from the Holy of Holies.  The Holy of Holies was not open to all, no one ventured go near that place. Only the high priest had access to the Holy of Holies and just once a year. But by the death of Christ, the Holy of Holies; the very presence of God has become accessible to everyone. You don’t need to be a high or special kind of priest before you can come near to God, have a close relationship with God and enjoy the glory of His presence. All you need is to desire God, long for God, be desperate for God and you can be where He is, you can experience God on the most intimate level because the veil has been torn apart; there’s no barrier between you and God. You can call on God, come to God any day, anytime, with any situation and you will find Him. God will be there to listen to you and attend to your need. No wonder in Hebrews 4: 16, we are encouraged to approach the throne of grace with confidence even though we are not high priests, pastors of mega churches, or people without any flaws, imperfections and mistakes. The confidence we have in entering into the presence of God is based on the One who has gone ahead of us, the One who through His blood that was shed for us, opened a new way for people to access God (Hebrews 4:19-22).

One of the main blessings of Easter is that we no longer have to worship God from a distance or stand at a distance when God is talking (Exodus 24:1-2, Exodus 20:18-19). Even with our defects; our weaknesses and shortcomings, there’s a place for us in God’s plan, we are not debarred from His presence (Leviticus 21:21). We don’t need to be financially buoyant to access what God offers us, to sit in the same room with the wealthiest, strongest and most powerful King. God invites us to dine with Him yet it’s on Him, He foots the bill (Isaiah 55:1-3). The precious blood of Jesus was what God used to pay for us to come boldly into His presence, to sit on the same table with the Lord of glory.

Jesus has done too much for us to take coming to God with levity; to treat prayer and worship as one of those things. Someone used His blood to pay for what we are enjoying today. We must therefore value with everything in us the privilege of coming to God any day, any place, anytime.

Another significant blessing that comes with Easter is an empty tomb. The empty tomb is symbolic of all round victory. It means you won’t remain where your enemies expect you to be. It means no matter the stone; no matter what your enemies use to secure you to the ‘tomb’, to tie you down to a particular level, you will rise up from that level, you will move from that level.

In the empty tomb, the disciples discovered that the burial cloths that had been around Jesus had been removed and Jesus was no longer in the tomb (John 20:1-7). You shall escape every death trap that has been set for you, your family and loved ones in Jesus mighty name, amen. Any appointment you have with death is terminated this season in Jesus name, amen. The Lord shall remove burial or grave cloths from you. He shall lose you from anything that can bring shame, pain, sadness and mourning. Joy will replace mourning. The hearts of the women that went to the tomb were heavy and sorrowful. But when they saw the empty tomb and their risen Lord, their joy knew no bounds!

The empty tomb also means forever among the living never with the dead. In Luke 24: 5, the women who went to the tomb were told when they met an empty tomb that “why do you look for the living among the dead”? You shall always be found among the living not with the dead. Your spiritual life, marriage, business, ministry will always be counted among those that are living, fruitful and functioning not among those that are dead.

Indeed, Easter is a season loaded with deep spiritual blessings. These blessings shall not elude us. We shall experience victory over stagnation and deliverance from every form of death. Whatever is dead or dying in our lives will be infused with the resurrection power of God and shall come alive. God will turn our mourning into dancing; He will give us unbelievable testimonies (Luke 24:9-11). Above all, we shall enjoy sweet fellowship with God and whenever we call on God, He will be near to us.


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