A chain is like a security gadget. It is something you use to secure your possessions like a safe, the gate to your house, or a bicycle. The devil also has evil chains he uses to ensure that a person or a property remains secure in a particular place and for all the wrong reasons.  A person that you use chains on is like a prisoner that has been tied down so he doesn’t escape. In the spiritual realm, the devil uses evil chains to keep people in evil prisons.

From Psalm 107:10-11, we see that disobedience and walking in the flesh, not with God’s counsel can give the devil access to use evil chains on a person. So this is the first thing we need to address as we pray today.


  • Father, help me to walk in obedience this year. Help me to follow your divine counsel this year. Help me O Lord to follow your leading and not walk in the flesh.


From Acts 12:6-7, we see that God’s divine intervention in a person’s life and situation can free the person from every chain the enemy has used to hold the person down.

  • Lord, as you intervened in Peter’s situation, intervene in my life today. Let your divine presence in my life cause every evil chain holding me down spiritually, physically, financially or maritally be broken off now in Jesus mighty name.


There is awesome power in praise and we need to tap into this power on a daily basis. See what happened as Paul and Silas praised God in Acts 16:26.

  • Father, take my praise and prayer life to a higher level this year. Every time I praise you, save, deliver and redeem me from the hand of the evil one.


  •  As I exalt your Holy name this hour, send a divine earthquake to the foundation of every prison where my glory and blessings have been locked up.


  •  With the divine keys God has given me, I unlock every evil chain the enemy has used to lock up my blessings, testimonies and breakthroughs (Matthew 16:19).


  •  In the name of Jesus, I shake off every evil chain from my life. In the name of Jesus, I free myself from all hindrances (Isaiah 52:2).


  • I speak God’s unfailing word into my life. I declare that the Lord has broken the gates of brass and cut asunder all bars of iron (Psalm 107:16).


  •  From today, all impossibilities become possibilities. Everything that has been so difficult for me to accomplish, I can now do because the anointing of God is upon my life and that anointing has broken the chains. Nothing and no one can hold me captive.


  •  I declare that I am free indeed. No more bondage, no more oppression, no more chains, no more fetters to hold me down. I walk into my miracle today. I arise and shine to be who God wants me to be and to do what God wants me to do.


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