The Lord Is…

The Lord is My Light in the darkness;

Life can never get too dark for God to spot me out,

Or show me the way to go.


The Lord is My Strength;

When I am at my weakest point,

God infuses me with power and supports me to carry on.


The Lord is My Shield;

Though arrows and enemies come against me,

They can’t get me because God’s hand is covering me.


The Lord is My Solution Provider;

When everything I’ve tried doesn’t work, when everyone I thought would help fails me,

At the nick of time, God sends helps to me and makes a way for me.


The Lord is My Strong Tower;

All around, all the time, there are seen and unseen dangers,

But as I run into God’s tower of protection, I am kept safe.


The Lord is My Provider;

He will not leave me to suffer and lack,

He will sustain me, He will meet my needs.


The Lord is My Peace;

When storms are raging, oceans roaring, mountains quaking, forecasts of doom multiplying,

God calms and quietens my heart.


The Lord is My Possibility in the midst of impossibilities;

He can bring dry bones back to life, He can create a way in the wilderness,

He can say yes when everyone else is saying no, He can do the humanly impossible for me.


The Lord is My Lord;

There are countless masters out there, but my God is the Supreme Lord and Master of the Universe.

My mouth confesses Him, my heart believes in Him, for He is far beyond and above all other lords.


Andrea Dress on Unsplash

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