The Most Outstanding Personality

We all have some characteristics or qualities that make us different from the person sitting next to us. The Bible is full of people with different personalities God used to do His work. The twelve disciples Jesus chose were certainly different individuals who expressed themselves in different ways. Today, God is still choosing and using people with different personalities to carry out His plans and purposes, and minister the love of Christ.

Personality simply has to do with how a person thinks, feels and responds to people and situations. Just like you have a personality, I have a personality, the Holy Spirit has a personality. The Holy Spirit is a person who thinks, feels and wills. He is a person with a mind (Romans 8:27), a person that possesses knowledge (1 Corinthians 2:10-11), and a person that can be grieved (Ephesians 4:30).

Different companies and organizations give out awards each year to celebrate persons that have distinguished themselves. For example, you have Sports Personality of the Year, Person of the Year Award. There are also different lists that come out each year like Top Ten People of the Year, Greatest People of All Time. But there are certain things about the Holy Spirit that makes His own personality unique and distinct from that of everybody else. The Holy Spirit is indeed the person with the most outstanding personality. For one, He has no weakness whatsoever. Someone can be all spiritual one moment, the next minute this same person is raining unthinkable abuses and curses on the bus driver that just hit his car. The Holy Spirit is a person that is completely sinless and free from all character flaws and imperfections. No wonder Romans 1:4 refers to Him as the Spirit of Holiness.

The thing that amazes me most about the Holy Spirit is His ability to be and do several things all at the same time. The Holy Spirit is:

  1. A gift from GodLuke 11:13

2. A Teacher – 1 John 2:27

3. A ComforterJohn 14:26

4. A Helper – Romans 8:26

5. A GuideJohn 16:13-15

6. Fresh oil that keeps you from becoming dry, stale and irrelevant – Psalm 92:10

7. The Leveler of Mountains obstructing youZechariah 4:6-7

8. The Anointing that destroys heavy burdens and yokes that weigh one down– Isaiah 10:27

9. An Unpredictable Wind that can carry you to places and heights you never imagined – John 3:8

10. The Fire that burns to ashes everything God has not plantedPsalm 66:10

11. The Breath of the Almighty that brings every dry bone back to life- Ezekiel 37:1-10

12. The Gentle Dove that helps you to stay calm even when everything around you is going haywire – Matthew 3:16

13. New Wine you can drink from morning till night and it won’t get you drunk, rob you of your senses, or make you stagger about doing stupid thingsEphesians 5:8

14. Rivers of Living Water flowing in you and out of you to make you a source of joy and blessing to your generation – John 7:37-39

Just like the Holy Spirit is outstanding, He wants to make us outstanding in every area of our lives. Being filled with the Holy Spirit is the key to becoming an excellent and outstanding Christian. Jesus was anointed and filled with the Holy Spirit. This made Him go about doing outstanding things (Acts 10:38) and defeating the devil any time He tried to attack Him and bring Him down (Luke 4:1-13).

How much of the Holy Spirit can be seen in us? How much of His power do we daily manifest? When we are faced with complex, life-threatening situations, when our hopes appear to be dashed and we don’t get that visa, job, money, or promotion we were expecting, do we display His fruit like peace and joy? Today let’s earnestly pray for the Holy Spirit to fill us anew, to fill our cup that is empty of ideas with fresh inspiration from above that will make us excel and move us to higher heights in every area of our lives. Pray for God to clothe you with power from on high, to anoint you with the fire of the Holy Spirit that will make you untouchable to demons and forces of darkness. This month and for the rest of your life, desire to be filled with more and more of the Holy Spirit so you can become a person of outstanding character, a person with outstanding accomplishments.


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