The Blessing of Enlargement

There are different kinds of blessings God can give a person. Blessings from God can simply be categorized into spiritual blessings and physical blessings. Peace is a spiritual blessing. Joy is a bubbling, contagious spiritual blessing. Uncommon insight and revelation from God’s Word is a much needed spiritual blessing in these trying times and days of strange doctrines and teachings. Favour is a wonderful spiritual blessing you need if you want to go far in life. Spiritual blessings are actually what lead to your being loaded with physical blessings. For example, if God favours you, it can lead to your getting a better job or bigger salary. It can grant you a visa to travel abroad. Or it can give you a scholarship or good success in an examination. We need God to shower us and fill our lives with both spiritual and physical blessings.

In Haggai 2:19, God says something very prophetic. He says “From this day on I will bless you.” God has declared that from this day you will be blessed. Believe Him with everything in you. See yourself as someone blessed by the Most High. By that simple declaration from God, God has given you an assurance of a change, a better life, answers to prayers, increase, expansion and enlargement.

There are countless examples in God’s Word of people who received all manner of spiritual and physical blessings. In Luke 5:5-11, the blessing of enlargement was released on Peter’s life. This season, God will release the blessing of enlargement on your life. Peter had worked very hard, he had tried everything in the fishery books, he had followed all the best known principles of success, yet he had nothing to show for all his labours. Bad or poor grades, lack of sales, no job, singleness, or a failing marriage doesn’t necessarily imply a careless, purposeless, lazy and unserious life. Peter’s empty net is symbolic of people who are determined, hardworking, have good ideas, put in so much effort, try everything possible, yet there’s nothing to show for all their labours. When God blessed Peter with the blessing of enlargement, his once empty net was overflowing with fish; failure was turned into outstanding success. This season the Lord will release the blessing of enlargement on you and past failures will be replaced with good success. People were amazed at how Peter’s empty net started bursting with fish. The kind of success God will give you this year will amaze people.

The blessing of enlargement can move you from obscurity to limelight. It can give you a story that will become the talk of the town. It makes you a channel of blessings to others. When Peter hadn’t caught any fish and he had an empty net, he was all alone in his boat. But when God blessed him with the blessing of enlargement and his net and boat was overflowing with fish, other fishermen had to come to him. They came to share in his blessings. Their own boat and net was also filled with fish (Luke 5:6-7). God will give you a blessing that will attract others to you. God will release on you a special blessing and aura that will make people come to you; that will make people want to associate with your ministry, family, business, idea, proposal, vision and plans.

For everyone who saw what happened to Peter that day, how his empty net was filled with an astonishing number of fish, how his boat was overflowing with fish that others had to come and help him carry the fish, they had something great to talk about. An uncommon thing happened to Peter that day. God will give you an uncommon breakthrough and testimony that will become the talk of the day.

Peter did a simple thing that made him a recipient of the blessing of enlargement. He allowed Jesus enter into his boat and use his boat to preach. Jesus is looking out for people who would allow Him enter fully into the boat of their life. People who will give Him absolute control and allow Him stir the boat of their lives. People of total surrender. People who will say “Lord, here is my boat; here is my life, here are my talents, skills and resources. I surrender them completely to You, use them for Your glory”. This indeed is a proven and tested way to enjoying supernatural abundance and a lifting up from God. It’s the simple secret to receiving a blessing that will overwhelm and saturate your life with the goodness of God.


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