• Lord, I thank You for bringing me into 2021. Thank You for Your divine protection over my life and family throughout 2021. Thank You Lord that I am alive to see the end of 2021.
• O Lord, whatever I have done this year that grieved Your Spirit and can make You turn Your face away from me, Father please be merciful to me and forgive me.
• O Lord, purge my spirit, soul and body of all contamination. I rededicate my life afresh to You. Fill me with a renewed love and passion for You. Let me be on fire for You as the year draws to an end.
• I refuse to be downcast and disturbed. I refused to be discouraged about those things that didn’t happen in my life this year. I shall not take the grace of God for granted. My soul, rise up and give God praise for His goodness, mercy and faithfulness. Father, I give You thanks for every testimony I got in 2021, every evil I was spared from this year.
• Lord, as I praise, thank and worship You, make me whole from the crown of my head to the sole of my feet. Send an ambush to the camp of my enemies who don’t want me to see 2022, who don’t want me to end 2021 rejoicing and celebrating.
• I decree and declare that it is well with me this last month of the year. It is well with my spirit, soul and body. I have peace like a river. I refuse to be troubled, weighed down and discouraged.
• I declare that I, my family members, church members and all loved ones will not be victims of end of year tragedies and calamity. We shall not end this year in sorrow in Jesus mighty name. AMEN!
• Father, whatever You have not planted in my life that is determined to follow me into 2022, let the fire of the Holy Ghost consume. Deliver me totally and completely from the Egyptians I see today. Let me see them no more. Let them ‘Egyptians’ of sickness, barrenness, failure, lack, poverty, debt, stagnation and besetting sins all drown with 2021.
• O Lord, destroy by fire every problem and affliction that always begins the year with me and ends the year with me. Destroy the hold of every problem that has been with me from birth, every problem that keeps recurring in my life and lineage. In the name of Jesus Christ, I shall not carry this problem over to 2022.
• Father, fight for me this end of the year and set me totally free from every form of affliction and satanic oppression. Set me free from every satanic stronghold keeping me from fulfilling my God-given destiny. Lord, I am tired of my spiritual life, family, career, business and ministry being in the valley. Lift me out O Lord and set me on the mountain top of glory. Father, give me a last minute, end of year turn around and breakthrough.
• Father, as You have brought me to the last month of the Year, go ahead of me with Your divine presence into 2022.
• O Lord, make the remaining days of this year full of pleasant surprises for me and my family in Jesus mighty name I pray. Let me end this year with a miracle that will amaze me and change my story.

PHOTO CREDIT: Jack Sharp on Unsplash


  • December 17, 2021 at 7:06 am

    Thank you for this prayer and may God bless you greatly.

    Tesh, i am Deborah in Uganda East Africa.

    • December 30, 2021 at 8:53 am

      AMEN to your prayer.
      Thank you very much for your feedback.
      God bless you and surround you with His favour.


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