God wants us to experience the glory, power, anointing, favour and fullness of joy that comes with His presence. His presence is an awesome place to be. His presence makes all the difference. David knew the special blessings that come from the presence of God, hence his prayer was that if there was one thing God would give him, let it be God’s abiding presence (Psalm 27:4). David was always hungry, panting and desperate for the presence of God for He knew that in God’s presence He would experience God’s power and glory and God would satisfy his soul with the best of blessings (Psalm 63:1-5).

Being in God’s presence should be our lifestyle. The prayers below will usher you into the presence of God and help you enjoy the pleasures in God’s presence.

By the blood of Jesus, I come into the presence of God. O Lord, let Your blood cleanse me and wash me from any sin that can prevent me from entering into Your presence (Hebrews 10:19-22).

Lord, remove falsehood, impure thoughts and all forms of unrighteousness from me. Help me to abstain from sin so I can always have direct access into Your holy presence. Let the hold of every besetting sin; every sin I easily and frequently fall for be broken today by the power of God.  In the name of Jesus, sin shall no longer stand as a barrier between me and the blessings in the presence of God (Psalm 24:2-5, Hebrews 12:1).

O Lord, put in me a fresh hunger and burning desire for Your presence. Help me to delight in Your presence and make Your presence my heart’s desire. Deliver me from everything distracting me from Your presence. May I never put my personal interests and ambitions above being in Your presence. In the name of Jesus, my soul shall long for God, my soul shall thirst for God, my flesh shall yearn for God not for fleshy desires, my spirit shall diligently seek God for I have no one in heaven but God and there’s nothing on earth I desire compared to God (Psalm 42:1-2, Isaiah 26:9, Psalm 63:1, Psalm 73:25).

O Lord, whatever will make You reject me and cast me away from Your presence, whatever will cut me off from Your favour and protection, keep that thing far away from me in Jesus mighty name I pray. Father, help me to daily pursue those things that will draw You near to me and fill me with Your power and glory (Psalm 51:11, James 4:8).

Father, as the face of Moses was transformed when he came into Your presence, let my life experience a transformation as I come into Your presence today. Let my mind be transformed, let me be transformed from glory to glory, let people see more of You in me (Exodus 34:24-30, 2 Corinthians 3:8).

Lord, I realize that there’s really no safe hour but there’s a safe God. Evil has been programmed into every segment of the day, but with Your presence, I am kept safe. Father, let Your presence shield and defend me from the arrows that fly by day, the terror of night, the pestilence that stalks in the darkness and the plague that destroys at midday. I declare and decree that I am covered with the presence of God and no harm will befall me, no disaster, tragedy and calamity will come near me, my family and household (Psalm 91:4-10).

Father, Your Word says that the mountains melt like wax before You. O Lord, let Your presence melt away every mountain size problem before me. Let Your presence melt away every spiritual, health, financial, marital and family problem that is bigger than me and wants to weigh me down. Every problem I don’t have the power and ability to handle, every problem I don’t even know how to go about, let such problems melt beneath my God (Psalm 97:5, Micah I :4).

O Lord, rend the heavens and let Your awesome presence come down and cause every longstanding problem in my life to tremble and give way today. Let Your presence swallow up every problem people have known me for, every problem determined to end this year with me (Psalm 64:1).

O Lord, let Your holy presence go before me and level every demonic roadblock the enemy has placed before me to keep me from moving forward in life (Isaiah 45:2).

Father, help me to spend quality time in Your presence and let Your presence open me up to the supernatural. Let Your presence move me from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Let the glory of Your presence fill my life with uncommon, unprecedented and exceptional miracles and testimonies (Matthew 14:22-25).

Father, Your presence is the place of rest and peace. Father, as I come into Your presence, let me find rest for my soul and give me rest on all sides; settle me in my ‘Promised Land; let Your presence bring about the fulfillment of Your purpose for my life and the establishment of Your promises in my life. I declare that the peace that comes from being in God’s presence is with me. Situations don’t overwhelm, none of my enemies can withstand me, no storm or situation of life can steal my peace (Exodus 33:14).

In the name of Jesus, I come against every heaviness, weariness, sadness and discouragement. I bind the spirit of despair and depression. I receive and I am filled with the joy that is in God’s presence. My life bursts forth with the joy that comes from God’s presence. I am joyful not sad and frustrated for I dwell in the presence of God and in His presence there is fullness of joy. Today, every burden, every source of worry and anxiety is lifted in God’s presence. My prayers are heard and answered and God has made my joy full (Psalm 16:11, Psalm 21:6, John 16:24).


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