O Lord, I praise, worship, honour and adore You for bringing me to the last month of the year. I exalt and glorify your holy name for all the battles You fought for me this year. Thank You for being on my side since the year began. Thank You for carrying me through all the fires and rivers of affliction that have come my way this year. Blessed be Your Holy name.

I decree and declare that in this last month of the year, no weapon fashioned against me and my family shall prevail. We shall not end the year weeping, wailing and in sorrow. My life and the lives of members of my family and church shall not be cut short. We shall not be victims of end of the year tragedies and calamities.

I decree and declare that I shall end this year in Christ and with Christ. Powers that dry up people’s spiritual lives, powers that dry up spiritual virtues and the anointing of God shall not see me this month. I shall not end the year spiritually dry and empty. I shall not end the year wearing filthy garments.  I shall not end the year defiled, contaminated and polluted. I strip off every garment of sin from my life. I receive grace to please, honour and glorify the Lord in all I do this month. The Lord will anoint me afresh, the Spirit of the Lord shall fill my life and I will end the year doing exploits for God.

My steps shall be ordered by the Lord this end of the year. The Lord shall lead me in paths of righteousness.  I shall not take a step that will take me away from God or truncate my destiny. I shall not fall into the net, trap or pit the enemy has prepared for me.

I decree and declare based on the Word of the Lord that the end of a matter is better than its beginning that I am ending this year better than I started it. There shall be improvement, lifting and progress in my life as the year draws to an end.

I decree and declare in the name of Jesus that my harvest season begins today. I will eat the fruit of my labours for this year, God’s blessings and prosperity will fill my life. All that see me this end of the year shall acknowledge that the Lord has blessed me and changed my story.

I decree and declare that now is God’s set time to favour me. The Lord shall be gracious and compassionate to me this month. God’s favour opens doors for me this last month of the year. God’s favour brings humanly impossible testimonies into my life. God’s favour keeps the voice of weeping and the sound of crying far away from me and my family. The favour of God will cause my prayers to be heard and answered this month.

I decree and declare that throughout December, Nigeria shall be a peaceful habitation and an undisturbed place of rest. God’s wall of fire will surround this nation. His lightning will scatter every evil gathering concerning Nigeria. His arrows shall rout out Nigeria’s enemies of peace and progress.

I decree and declare that because I am a sheep of the Good Shepherd, the Lord Jesus, because God’s Spirit is upon me, I will end this year with fresh revelations from God and a clear direction for the next year. Whether I turn to the left or right, I will hear God’s voice telling me this is the way to go as the year comes to an end, this is the direction to take as you prepare to enter a New Year.

I decree and declare that I shall end this year well. I shall end this year singing a new song. I shall end this year with laughter in my mouth. I shall end this year with something to celebrate about and something to testify about. I shall end this year at a level my enemies never expected I could get to and with a blessing that will shock and depopulate the kingdom of darkness.

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