Have you ever been in a situation where no one seems to have the answer to a difficult question, the interpretation of a mystery, or the solution to a mind-boggling problem? In Revelations 5:1-5 there was a situation in heaven. It was a situation that no one in heaven and on earth could solve or handle. There was a scroll that needed to be opened. Apparently, there was no one that could open the scroll let alone look inside it. As a result there was weeping and sadness because of this problem no one could handle.

Perhaps this is the condition you are in today. There is a health, marital, educational or financial situation in your life no one has been able to solve or handle. No doctor, medical expert or drug has been able to put an end to the health challenge you have been battling with for years. Despite opening and pouring out you heart to that family member, close friend, counsellor or pastor, the emotional pain in your heart is still there. No one has been able to proffer a solution to the family and marital crisis you are facing. Not even the richest person you know has been able to help you out of that financial mess you are in. And so like it happened in Revelation 5:1-5, there’s a lot of weeping and sadness in your heart over this situation.

In Revelation 5:5-9, we see that as soon as the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ stepped into the situation, weeping came to an end. Until Jesus steps into a situation, weeping will continue. JESUS will step into that situation no one has been able to help you with, no one has been able to solve or handle and your weeping will come to an end today in Jesus mighty name. AMEN!

Mark 5:25-29 tells us of a woman who for twelve years had been struggling with a health problem. She had seen renowned medical experts; she had spent all the money she had seeking a solution to her health problem all to no avail. But the moment she touched Jesus, what had been impossible for medical experts, what appeared too complex for the best trained and most experienced doctors, was solved by touching the One who is the Way Maker, Solution Provider, Obstacle Remover, Wall Demolisher, Leveller of Mountains. This woman touched Jesus and her weeping came to an end and she began to sing a new song of praise to God. I’m sure that as soon as this woman realised that the problem that had been following her around for years, the problem that had made her an object of ridicule, the problem that made people forget her real name and start addressing her by her problem had been solved, she burst out in new songs of praise to God; songs of joy she never rehearsed or planned to sing.

A new song was sang in heaven in Revelation 5:9 when Jesus without much stress and effort opened the scroll no one in heaven and earth had been able to open. Today the Lord will look upon you with mercy and intervene concerning that hopeless situation that has been weighing you down and you will sing a new song. In the name of Jesus, the Lord of lords, our Helper and Redeemer, will take hold of you and the baffling, unsolvable and unexplainable problems in your life will melt at the presence of the King of Glory and you will find yourself without any restraint worshipping God like never before.

2 thoughts on “A NEW SONG

  • November 13, 2017 at 2:25 pm

    AMEN this is my potion i can hear him saying open the door son. Am Jesus christ i will heal u & u will sing a new song.

    • November 17, 2017 at 10:47 am

      I join you in saying AMEN. May God fill your mouth with songs of victory, rejoicing and fresh testimonies.


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