The best thing that can happen to anyone is to meet personally with JESUS, the King of kings, the Lord of lords, the Alpha and Omega.  An encounter simply means a meeting between you and someone. We see from scripture that those who met with Christ face to face; those who had an encounter with Christ experienced a significant change and transformation in their life and situation. For example, the day the woman with the issue of blood touched Jesus, her pain of many years was taken away and the reproach in her life was rolled away (Luke 8:43-48).

I pray that this month you will have an encounter with the Lord and great and mighty things will happen in your life. As you earnestly pray the prayers below, the Lord will lift you out of every valley, He will give you peace like a river, and He will fill your life with pleasant and outstanding testimonies.

The day Peter had an encounter with JESUS, his past failures were turned to success. He had worked all night and caught nothing; he had worked all night and had nothing to show for it. But when Jesus entered into his boat, Peter had a major breakthrough; Peter had good success (Luke 5:1-7)

PRAYER O Lord, let me have an encounter with you this month that will turn all my past failures to success.

When Peter had an encounter with Christ, he became very conscious and aware of his sinful ways; he became uncomfortable with the sins in his life (Luke 5:8-10).

PRAYER Holy Father, this month let me have an encounter with you that will bring about a genuine, complete and lasting repentance in my life. Let me have an encounter with you that will make me stop and turn away from all besetting sins.

An encounter with Christ means you being singled out for special favour. Peter was not the only one by the Lake of Genesaret that day. There was a big crowd around Jesus (Luke 5:1-3). But it was only Peter that Jesus decided to get into his boat and the result was a major breakthrough in Peter’s life that day.

PRAYER Merciful God, let me have an encounter with you this month that will single me out for special favour and blessings. Let me have an encounter with you that will cause the heavens to open over my life and give me the kind of blessing and breakthrough I have never had before.

When you have an encounter with Jesus, every hopeless situation in your life will receive hope. The things that are dead in your life will come back to life. This was what happened to Mary and Martha in John 11:38-40 when Jesus showed up on the scene where their brother Lazarus had died.

PRAYER – God of Wonders, let me encounter you this month and let your resurrection power be released on everything that is dead in my life. Let your resurrection power release supernatural strength and power into every dry bone in my life.

Mary and Martha had lost something precious, their brother. But when Jesus came to them, He restored what they had lost.

PRAYER – God of Restoration, let me have a life-changing encounter with you this month that will restore every blessing, virtue, opportunity and breakthrough I have lost.

The man that was born blind had an encounter with Christ in John 9:1-9 and after that encounter, he was completely healed from blindness and people could not recognize him anymore.

PRAYER O Lord, My Glory and the Lifter up of my head, this month let me have an encounter with you that will bring about a significant transformation in my life and situation that people will not recognize me anymore. The kind of transformation that will take my enemies by surprise, O Lord please bring my way this month. The kind of transformation that will take me to a level people never thought I would get to, O Lord please make me experience today.

The man at the pool of Bethesda had been battling with a problem for so long. For 38 years he had suffered from an infirmity. But the day he had an encounter with Jesus, in a twinkling of an eye, that long-standing problem was removed from his life (John 5:1-9).

PRAYER – God of Impossibilities, this month, let me have a fresh encounter with you that will terminate and completely remove every long-standing problem in my life. Every problem that has been dragging on and on in my life, let it come to an end this month in Jesus mighty name I pray.

Thank you Precious Father for hearing my prayers. Be thou exalted O Lord.


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