Left or right, back or front, which way do I go?

Yes or no, maybe or later, what do I answer?

White or black, pink or wine, which colour do I wear?

Ignore, acknowledge, retaliate, forgive, how do I respond?


Each day is loaded with dozens of choices,

Some are easy, some complex and stressful.

The day starts with a choice, the day ends with a choice,

You can’t run away from choices.


Life is a series of choices;

Choices that come with effects and consequences,

Choices that affect others, choices that put you in a dilemma,

Choices you regret, choices that give you a sense of satisfaction.


The best way to make choices is to go to the One that sees and knows it all,

The best option is missed when you ignore the Chief Shepherd,

Don’t be emotional about choices, don’t be pressured into making choices.

Allow the Good Shepherd’s rod and staff point you in the right direction.



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