Prayer Points for March

Thank You Precious Father for bringing me to the month of March. Receive my praise, worship and adoration for standing by me since this year began. Thank You for Your grace that has kept me. Thank You that in spite of all the known and unknown attempts the enemy has made to cut short my life, You have continued to protect me and grant me victory.

O Lord, help me to make pleasing You my number one priority for this month. I ask that You look upon me with mercy and deliver me from every sin and weakness that easily besets me. Strengthen me in my inner man to say NO to sin and the pleasures of this world. Empower me throughout this month to resist the devil so that sin doesn’t reign in my body and life. I declare that I am a new creation and old things; old sins, habits and ungodly desires have passed away.

Father, this month take my prayer life to a new dimension. Holy Spirit, teach and help me to pray without ceasing, without giving up. Help me to be faithful in the place of prayer. Give me a burden to pray for others. Remove doubt and unbelief from my mind and fill me with mountain moving faith. As I pray this month, let every mountain; every obstacle and limitation before me give way in the mighty name of Jesus. Father as I cry out to You this month, hear me and deliver me out of all my troubles and trials. As I pray this month, don’t let people ask me where is my God? Answer me so that my joy is full and people will know of a truth that I am serving a Living God.

Lord, arise and fight for me this month. Arise and let every enemy of my soul, every enemy of my joy and progress be scattered in confusion. Lion of Judah, roar in my life this month and rip to pieces every evil plan for my life and family.

I come against every spirit of depression. Make my ears deaf to the lies of the devil. Let me hear only You voice of hope, life and victory. Complete the good work You have started in my life and fill my heart with peace and joy.

Lord, strengthen me through the power of Your Word so my faith does not fail in the time of testing. Help me to daily run to the name of the Lord; Your Tower of Safety so I am kept safe as evil arrows are being released from the kingdom of darkness to weaken my faith.

Lord, arise this month and scatter every meeting of darkness concerning the body of Christ and believers all over this nation. Turn their wicked plans upside down and bring all their evil counsel to nothing. Lord, show forth Your wrath and judgement on all those who delight in seeing the death of Christians and the destruction of churches. Harass those that are harassing Your children. Torment those who are tormenting Your people. Bring the down with a punch from Your right hand of power.

Great Physician, let this month of March be a month of diverse and amazing healings. Heal those that are broken-hearted. Heal marriages that have run out of wine and love. Heal diseases doctors have no cure for. Let Your living, healing waters flow into every business that is failing and every person that is struggling financially. Let Your healing power saturate, quicken and revive spiritual lives and ministries that have no fire and power. Let the precious blood of the Lamb grant us immunity from every virus, plague and calamity.

Father, in Your grace, love and mercy, before this first quarter of the year comes to an end, make me a recipient of a testimony that will shock people’s ears; a testimony that will put an end to weeping, lack, stagnation, barrenness and every form of reproach.

PHOTO CREDIT: Diana Simumpande on Unsplash

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