Today and Forever

This is the day, the day every girl longs for,

To walk down the aisle,

In a white beaded or sequined dress,

To the man she will spend the rest of her days with.


On this day, this very special day,

Love is in the air,

And love songs are played,

Giving a romantic touch to this gathering of family and friends.


Over the years many young girls have grown to see this day,

Holding a fresh bouquet in their hands,

Being the object of great attention,

And saying for better, for worse until death do us part.


This day, this special day, this day every girl dreams of,

Doesn’t always last forever.

There have been cases, far too many cases,

Of a union broken, of a love that fades and wanes away.


This day, this day that so much thought is given to,

This day that bright colors are picked,

And you come across captivating decorations,

Was never meant to be nothing but just a day.


So when you plan for this day,

Don’t get wrapped up thinking of colors and outfits,

Don’t think of just a day,

Don’t base it all on a romantic fantasy.


Think of a wine that never runs out,

Think of a lifetime of togetherness,

Think of Christ’s love; a love so pure, a love so divine,

Which can hold your union together today and forever.


PHOTO CREDIT: Andre Hunter on Unsplash

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